Law & Ethics Interview

The purpose of the interview is to ensure that a pharmacist can apply their knowledge and understanding of the legal and ethical aspects of New Zealand pharmacy in order to practise competently and safely. The pharmacist will be expected to demonstrate a professional attitude, be able to communicate clearly in English and show an understanding of cultural requirements in a New Zealand pharmacy environment.

You should be familiar with, understand and be able to apply the legal, ethical, subsidy and other practical aspects of pharmacy practice in New Zealand. References containing relevant material include:

  • Medicines and Misuse of Drugs legislation (Acts and Regulations)
  • Health Practitioners’ Competence Assurance Act
  • Pharmacy Council of NZ Competence Standards
  • Pharmacy Council of NZ Code of Ethics for Pharmacists
  • Health & Disability Services Pharmacy Services Standard NZS8134.7:2010
  • Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights
  • Health Information Privacy Code
  • Pharmac Pharmaceutical Schedule
  • DHB Pharmacy Procedures Manual
  • Pharmacy Practice Handbook PSNZ (Inc)
  • Dispensing Guide PSNZ (Inc)
  • Methadone Service Dispensing Protocol
  • Clozapine Dispensing Services Protocol
  • and the Needle Exchange programme

The key attributes of professionalism are considered to be:

  • Ethically sound decision making;
  • Emphasis on meeting patients’ needs and assuring safe outcomes;
  • Accountability for own work;
  • Acceptance of responsibility and awareness of professional boundaries;
  • Trustworthiness;
  • Problem solving approach to practice;
  • Commitment to continuing professional development;
  • Leadership.