Graduate Applications

Graduates registering in the Intern scope of practice

The online registration process will open late November each year for New Zealand and Australian BPharm graduates to apply to register in the Intern Pharmacist scope of practice.

Information about the requirements and process is available here.

Click on the following link to be guided to create a web account, and from there you can proceed to make an application for registration:

If you have any questions regarding your online registration, please read our FAQs, or please contact us via

To be able to start the EVOLVE intern training programme on 1 February 2020, you must apply to register by 25 January 2020.


Criminal History Checks

To obtain a copy of your NZ record of criminal convictions please contact the Ministry of Justice

Disclosure forms

You must disclose any health issues, convictions or investigations that may affect your fitness to practice, on your application form.