Setting professional development requirements for recertification is one way the Council can be assured you are taking action to stay competent as a pharmacist.

Each year when you apply to renew you annual practising certificate, you will need to

  • confirm you have met professional development requirements
  • confirm you have practised for at least 450 hours in the three years immediately preceding your application.  See further information here
  • declare that you are fit to practise

Please be honest if you are unable to confirm a statement. We may ask you for more information, but our role is to work alongside you wherever possible to enable you to practise safely.

False or misleading declarations may result in your application being declined.

New requirements from 1 April 2021

The Pharmacy Council’s new recertification requirements for pharmacists will be in place from 1 April 2021. We have worked with practising pharmacists to develop annual requirements that are relevant and achievable for pharmacists in all roles, and which improve Council’s assurance to the public of pharmacists’ competence.

Reduced requirements for March 2022

What is the recertification framework?

Why the need for new recertification requirements?

What are the steps Council has taken so far and have yet to be taken?

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