Concerns about a Colleague

Raise Concerns About a Colleague

The Pharmacy Council ensures public safety through safe pharmacy practice. The Council will make further inquiries if notified that a pharmacist may pose a risk of harm to the public by practising below the required standard of competence; be unfit to practise because of a physical or mental condition; or because of unethical practice. Council may then order an assessment or investigation to establish the concern and if necessary, place restrictions on the pharmacist’s practice to lessen the risk of harm.

Please read the Council guide for competence referral and notifying concerns about a pharmacist posing a ‘Risk of Harm’ or ‘Risk of Serious Harm’.  Please also see the HDC Open Disclosure Policy – advising a patient when an adverse event may affect them.

The Pharmacy Council offers you an online platform for you to make a formal complaint or to lodge your concerns about a colleague. Please click here to complete an online form (opens in a new tab).