APC Rebate

As recently announced, Council will be making an annual practising certificate (APC) fee rebate. This will be a proportional refund, approximately 10 percent of the APC component of the 2020/21 fee paid (and collected in the financial year 2019/20), excluding the disciplinary levy, or approximately $60 plus GST for a full year APC. The pandemic has meant regulatory work that Council had expected to do in the 2019/20 financial year has not happened as planned. We are also very conscious of the financial pressures the pandemic is creating for pharmacists, so Council is of the view the underspend should be used to provide a rebate in these unusual times.

We are working with the aim to have the rebate process completed by the end of November 2020 with the last payments to be made by the 7 December. 2020  Our records indicate that we have not received the bank account information that we need from many pharmacists in order to process the rebate.  The link to the online form will be shut down on Tuesday 1 December 2020 and no rebate applications will be able to be made after that time.

If you have made a decision not to apply for the rebate, would you please email enquiries@pharmacycouncil.org.nz with your name and registration number and we will note in the file not to follow this up with you again.  Any unclaimed rebate amounts will be returned to Council’s general reserves to be applied to future workplans.

A reminder that those eligible for the rebate must be a current holder of an APC (i.e. those who paid the 2020/21 APC fee).  Council would encourage those pharmacists who had their employers pay their 2020/21 APC fee, to discuss and most likely promptly pass on the refund to their employer when they receive it.

If you feel you are eligible for this rebate, but have not received an email from us with a link to the rebate form, please send an email to enquiries@pharmacycouncil.org.nz.