What we do

Enhanced wellbeing through excellence in pharmacy practice

The Pharmacy Council is established under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCAA) and has a duty to protect the public and promote good pharmacist practice.

The functions of the Pharmacy Council are to:

  • determine the scopes of practice for pharmacists
  • prescribe the qualifications required for scopes of practice within the profession, and, for that purpose, to accredit and monitor educational institutions and degrees, courses of studies, or programmes
  • authorise the registration of health practitioners under this Act, and to maintain register
  • consider applications for annual practising certificates
  • review and promote the competence of health practitioners
  • recognise, accredit, and set programmes to ensure the ongoing competence of health practitioners
  • consider the cases of health practitioners who may be unable to perform the functions required for the practice of the profession
  • promote education and training in the profession
  • promote public awareness of the responsibilities of the authority
  • to exercise and perform any other functions, powers, and duties that are conferred or imposed on it by or under this Act or any other enactment