Operations Team

To contact us, use the email format – initial.surname@pharmacycouncil.org.nz or contact enquiries@pharmacycouncil.org.nz.

M Pead

Chief Executive

Registrations, Complaints and Discipline

Dr O George

Manager Regulatory and Registrar

F Potz-Nielsen

Senior Case Manager

M Trueman

Registrations Officer (Notifications and Complaints)

S Thompson

Registrations Officer

B Perez

Registrations Officer

Scope and Standards

P Duncan

Manager Compliance, Registration and Standards

N Young

Quality Improvement Pharmacist

G Dahya

Practice Advisor

Assurance of Qualifications and Competence

J Moginie

Manager Qualifications and Competence Assurance

M Burt

Advisor, Assessments and Projects


V Lowe

Manager Finance and Performance

  J Willcox

Finance & Payroll Officer

M Adams

Executive Assistant


Administrative Assistant

(13.9 FTEs)