Pharmacy Council of New Zealand Fees

The following fees are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax. All fees can be found via Gazette Notice 2020-gs127-1

Fees Payable


 Application for registration – intern pharmacist 207.00
 Application for registration – pharmacist (includes TTMR and REQR) 345.00
 Application for registration – pharmacist prescriber 90.00
 Interview Assessment 205.00
 Re-instatement to the Register 100.00
 Transfer within Register 28.00
 Review Management Fee 500.00
 Request Lodgement Fee 100.00
 Application for initial consideration of registration for non-REQR applicants  690.00


ANNUAL PRACTISING CERTIFICATE (APC) (includes disciplinary levy)

APC – Intern 486.85
APC – Pharmacist 800.62
APC – Pharmacist Prescriber 891.53
APC – Pharmacist (post 30 November fee) 266.59

Note: The full APC includes Disciplinary Levy of $93.61 is included within each of the overall listed APC fees and is prorated to $31.20 for an APC valid after 30 November.


Inspection of the Register  50.00
Documents for overseas registration 50.00



Application for Registration of Overseas Pharmacist Prescriber 2,070.00
Application for Pharmacist Prescriber Category 1 368.00
Application for Pharmacist Prescriber Category 2 690.00



Non-practising fee 91.34
Replacement of registration certificate 50.00



TTMR = Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act (1997) applicants from Australia.

REQR = Recognised Equivalent Qualification Route applicants are overseas qualified pharmacists holding recognised qualifications and registration from countries recognised by the Australian Pharmacy Council.  These are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States of America.

Non-REQR = Non-Recognised Equivalent Qualification Route applicants that are registered pharmacists overseas, but do not meet the eligibility criteria for REQR route.