Intern Pharmacists

New Zealand and Australian graduates of an accredited Bachelor of Pharmacy programme are eligible to register in the Intern Pharmacist scope of practice.   Graduates must complete the accredited intern training programme and Council assessment while they are registered in the Intern Pharmacist scope of practice.

The Pharmacy Council requirements for practice in the Intern Pharmacist scope of practice and completion of the Council assessment are outlined in the Intern Policy.

Before practising as an intern pharmacist, a graduate must:

  • be registered by the Pharmacy Council in the Intern Pharmacist scope of practice, and
  • be issued with an annual practising certificate (APC).

Graduate applications

If you are graduating this year, the online registration process will open in late November.  NZ and Australian BPharm graduates can apply to register in the intern pharmacist scope of practice.

Information about the requirements and process is available here.

The earliest date an APC will be issued is 15 December.  It is strongly recommended that a graduate begins working in his/her approved intern training site as soon as possible after graduation.  This is to maximise opportunities for experience and learning.

If you have any questions regarding online registration, please read our FAQs, or please contact us via

NB: Australian graduates must have completed a pharmacy degree programme that is an AHPRA-approved programme of study.

For information about the intern programme, please contact the EVOLVE team or visit the PSNZ website.