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To practise in the pharmacist or intern pharmacist scope of practice in New Zealand you must be registered and hold an Annual Practising Certificate (APC).  To register you must meet the prescribed qualifications (both academic and competence-based) set by the Pharmacy Council under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCAA).

The scopes of practice describe the health services that form part of the profession of pharmacy. The scope for a pharmacist is broad, and includes all the services and roles that a pharmacist could perform as part of their practice. The scope for an intern pharmacist requires them to work under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.

Successful completion of the pharmacist scope of practice registration requirements

An intern pharmacist is required to complete all registration requirements for the pharmacist scope within two years of registration in the Intern Scope of practise. The components are Intern Training Programme, the Written Examination and the Assessment Centre.

This period may be extended by 1 year in exceptional circumstances at the Pharmacy Council's discretion.

Registration in Scope of Practice for a Pharmacist

To register in the Scope of Practice of a pharmacist, an applicant must have the prerequisite qualifications in pharmacy, meet the Competence Standards for the Pharmacy Profession and the fitness to register requirements under the HPCA Act 2003.

If you are a New Zealand or Australian B.Pharm graduate you must first register in the intern pharmacist scope and complete the requirements of the intern training programme. If you are an applicant who obtained registration in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, USA, or other countries, or you were previously registered in New Zealand and wish to be reinstated to the register, choose the appropriate category for more information as to how you can gain registration in New Zealand.

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