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Pharmacist Scope of Practice

Because the profession is diverse the Scope of Practice for a pharmacist is broad. This means that an individual practising pharmacist may only be practising some of the roles described in the scope below:

The practice of pharmacy includes the custody, preparation and dispensing of medicines and pharmaceutical products; the provision of advice on health and well-being, including health screening, and the selection and provision of non-prescription medicine therapies and therapeutic aids. The pharmacist acts as a medicines manager, ensuring safe and quality use of medicines and optimising health outcomes by contributing to the selection, prescribing, monitoring and evaluation of medicine therapy. The pharmacist researches information and provides evidence-based advice and recommendations on medicines and medicine-related health problems to patients, their carers and other healthcare professionals. The pharmacist is an integral part of the healthcare team.

The practice is wider than pharmacists directly working with patients to include teaching, advising, research, policy development and management, given that such roles influence clinical practice and public safety.

If a pharmacist is practising in any of the services described in the scope they must have an Annual Practising Certificate (APC), and will be required to demonstrate they are maintaining competence in their areas of individual practice. The pharmacist will be able to demonstrate that they are maintaining their competence by participation in a CPD-based recertification programme.

Pharmacists who are not practising or providing services described in the scope may remain registered on the non-practising register, but unless they have an APC they must agree not to practise.

Intern Pharmacist Scope of Practice

The intern pharmacist scope of practice covers the same broad scope of the pharmacist; however, the intern must always practise under the supervision of a registered, practising pharmacist. The intern must be competent in all of the services described before they register as a pharmacist.

Pharmacist Prescriber

Pharmacist Prescribers have specialised clinical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to their area of prescribing practice. This allows them to provide individualised medicines management services, including the prescribing of medicines to patients across a range of healthcare settings and models.

Pharmacist Prescribers work in a collaborative health team environment with other healthcare professionals and are not the primary diagnostician. They can write a prescription for a patient in their care to initiate or modify therapy (including discontinuation or maintenance of therapy or originally initiated by another prescriber). They can also provide a wide range of assessment and treatment interventions which includes, but is not limited to

  • Ordering and interpreting investigation (including laboratory and related tests).
  • Assessing and monitoring a patient's response to therapy.
  • Providing education and advice to a patient on their medicine therapy.

The Pharmacist Prescriber must prescribe within the limits of their professional expertise and competence (both clinical and cultural) and ethical codes of practice. They are responsible and accountable for the care they provide.

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The Register search lists pharmacists who are currently on the New Zealand public Register. While the list is updated regularly, some applications may not have been fully processed, therefore it provides guidance only and is not necessarily the full legal register. To request the registration details available to the public for a pharmacist who does not appear on this facility, or to query a current listing please email enquiries

The Pharmacy Council makes every effort to keep this list accurate. If you believe information listed is incorrect, please email enquiries.


The qualification shown on the websearch facility is the initial qualification for registration as a pharmacist.

The current New Zealand qualification for registration of pharmacists is the Bachelor of Pharmacy obtained at either Otago or Auckland University. Prior to 18th September 2004 all pharmacists with the following qualifications were deemed registered:

  • Professional Examinations of the Pharmaceutical Society
  • Diploma in Pharmacy
  • Overseas qualifications deemed equivalent to a NZ qualification as determined by the statutory authority.

Privacy Statement

Council's Privacy Statement, outlining how Council uses personal information for common situations to meet its obligations under the Act, is available here.