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Graduates from NZ and Australian Schools of Pharmacy applying for registration in the intern scope of practice in 2014/2015 - Application Form and Notes


Interns transferring to pharmacist scope of practice

Interns applying for registration in the pharmacist scope of practice in 2014/2015 - Application Form and Notes


Criminal History Checks

From 1 December 2014, NZ and Australian graduates registering in the intern pharmacist scope of practice will need to provide a copy of their record of criminal convictions. For NZ residents, this may be obtained from the Ministry of Justice www.justice.govt.nz/services/criminal-records  (Note: The Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 applies).  If you have resided in another country, prior to you registration, and your criminal history has not been checked by Immigration New Zealand, you will need to provide a criminal history check from that country.


Disclosure forms

You must disclose any health issues, convictions or investigations that may affect your fitness to practice, on your registration form.  You can either:

a) download the appropriate disclosure form below, complete it and save it to your computer.  Then attach the disclosure form and supporting documents to an email to the Deputy Registrar, OR

b)  download the appropriate disclosure form below, complete and print it. Then post it (along with supporting documents) to The Deputy Registrar, PO Box 25137, Wellington 6146.  Mark the envelope CONFIDENTIAL TO THE DEPUTY REGISTRAR.

Health Disclosure Form

Conduct Disclosure Form